Friday, March 4, 2016

Reward Days are the Best Days

Sometimes we have to take a day and reward students! I reward students every nine weeks for their Reading Efforts. This started out as a something we did for the Accelerated Reading Program. Since our system is still using AR I try to implement additional goals or goals in place of AR points. Such as: Reading 20 Minutes a Day, Reading 1 Book from each Genre, etc.....
(I am not 100% against AR and I do see some positive aspects but that is a Blog Post for a different day)

I tested the waters a few years ago by uploading a free Halloween Writing Center activity to TPT. I have learned a lot since then and have decided to sell some of my creations. I am extremely new to being a TPT seller but I hope to get into a routine of selling the products I have made. You can find this product for FREE at my TPT store.
TPT Store:

At the beginning of the 9 weeks I post the flyers announcing the event in prominent areas of the school. I also check in with their reading efforts during their Library class. I try to make the event as special as possible by allowing students to bring a pillow & blanket and a bottled drink. We also collect tickets at the door before the students get settled in for the big event. I begin popping popcorn about 30 minutes before the first session and continue to pop throughout the day so I highly recommend volunteers on this day. (Our principal just bought us a bigger and better Popcorn Machine! YAY!!!!!) I am fortunate to have a great group of "Special Teachers" to work with. We cancel Special classes on this day and they help monitor the students and pop & distribute the popcorn. I could not make this day possible without them.  The little girl in the turquoise top with the great big smile is my youngest daughter :)

I highly recommend obtaining a Movie License. With a license you have the reassurance of showing a movie legally for non-teaching activities. They also have great programming ideas. How do you reward your students for their reading efforts?

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