Tuesday, March 1, 2016

 I love Read Across America Week because we take the full week to honor Dr. Seuss and celebrate Reading in a lot of fun cool ways! In addition to dressing up each day I have several activities planned for the Library this week.

#1. Write the Room Center

I placed several Dr. Seuss books around the Library along with the FREE write the room card. Students love Write the Room! It is just like a scavenger hunt:) Write the Room sheets were placed inside a plastic sleeve and clipped to a clip board that I got by using my Scholastic reward dollars.
(Click the picture to find this Freebie from Cindy Lous's 1st Grade Whos)

#2. iPad Center


Students took selfies using the Dr. Seuss Camera. They saved the picture to be used in the Storymaker app. I printed the pictures and may use them in a display or turn them into bookmarks.

#3 Seuss Stack the Hat STEM Challenge

I cannot wait for the students to try this one!

I love my Dr. Seuss area! Our talented Music Teacher made the wreath for me out of an old Dr. Seuss book. 

These are just a few of the centers going on in the Library this week. What is everyone else doing?


  1. I do not know what Write the Room is or how it works. It looks like fun though. Can you explain? Thank you!

  2. Of course I will explain! This center ranks up there with the lego center. Write the Room is where I post sets of words around the room for the students to find and copy on their recording sheets. Sometimes I will have challenges for them after they have found all the words. For example: choose a word and illustrate it, write a story using the words you find, find the word in a dictionary and write the guide words, etc... Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you! That sounds like fun!!! That is something I always like to have int he library! Thank you.