Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting Reading for St. Patrick's Day in the Library!

I am SUPER EXCITED about my centers this month! Grab this pack at my TPT store!

 I have included directions and suggestions with each activity.
This is the Write the Room activity. The students will be searching for action verbs.  After they find all six words they can complete one of the challenge activities.
     I am going to have a Lego Challenge Center. Students will try to create something related to St. Patrick's Day or recreate something I have created. There are three blank boxes on the "I can" sign so you can insert your own pictures.
     I cannot wait to see what my students create at the Maker Space center. Their challenge will be to create a Leprechaun Trap.
     I also included an iPad Choice board you can display at your iPad center.
     I always offer a Read to Self & Listening Center so I included some "I can" signs for those as well.
Research, Research, Research!!!!!

I included THREE research options.
1.  Students can look through books and find three interesting facts about St. Patrick's Day.
2.  Students can use the computer and answer 10 trivia questions.
3.  I can display a Question of the Day. My students love the Question of the Day/Week center because they have a chance to win a small prize.  I have included directions and everything you will need for this center.

Don't forget to display a few St. Patrick's Day books at each center. (Make sure you display only the nonfiction ones at your research center)  Hope this helps to bring some excitement to your Library!

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